It's never too early or too late to start your journey to health


I believe in a truly holistic approach to health: no fad diets, no short term trends.

Being healthy shouldn’t be a burden - food is meant to be enjoyed. I am passionate about helping my clients cultivate a happy and healthy relationship with food by learning lifelong, easy-to-maintain habits. I believe all people deserve to find their best, healthy selves and should be treated with compassion and armed with empowerment. The values I keep close to my heart in everything I do are honesty, passion, love, vitality, joy, and balance.


I strongly believe honesty should be ingrained in our food industry. Unfortunately, that’s not our reality. I promise to help you sort through the confusing messages and look beyond the hysteria that drives our country’s food culture. You deserve to understand the truth about what is best for your body.



To me, having passion means living as though there is a fire burning within. Following our dreams requires us to be healthy and vibrant. We must nourish our bodies, and in turn, tend to our inner flame. I’m most passionate about helping others achieve better health. Allow me to use my passion to help you reach yours.


Love is the elixir that makes us feel alive. Before we can love anyone else, we must find love within ourselves. Proper nourishment is a huge part of self-love and self-care. Our bodies deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and we should not settle for anything less.



We are not meant to just live - we are meant to thrive. A purposeful existence is built on a foundation of vitality. Being mindful in our approach to food will help you discover the beauty of nourishment.


The process of choosing, preparing, and eating food should be joyous. So much conflicting advice and information along with our hectic schedules has made the whole process stressful. Let's strip away the worry and negativity surrounding food, and rekindle the joy. 

Finding balance is the secret to health. I’ll teach you what it means to eat in a way that is sustainable with food you actually love. Healthy doesn’t mean cutting out everything you crave. Balance means filling your plate with luscious greens full of antioxidants, lean proteins, and wholesome grains - and if you want, having some dessert at the end. 


My path to discovering what healthy truly means.

Discover how good food can change your mind and body for the better.