Our entire family has nothing but the highest regard for Mascha; in fact, she is a beloved household name! We met Mascha after having consulted with multiple nutritionists who seemed to have one-size-fits all, unsustainable approaches to nutrition, particularly where children are concerned. Mascha is just the opposite: she is thoughtful, caring and works carefully to shape and suggest a plan to fit each individual’s needs. And, the entire family LOVES when she does house calls. She goes to the ends of the earth to make nutrition fun and exciting! She has brought us new foods that she thinks we will like, engaged in fun cooking projects and conducted taste tests with the entire family— all with an eye to ensuring the success of any regimen or idea that she proposed. What’s best is that she meets each individual where he or she is and is careful to allow each individual choose for himself what he is willing to do, allowing each person to set goals that are attainable and to which one can commit with joy! We cannot say enough about Mascha. She has been a positive force in all of our lives!
— Patti W.
I started working with Mascha with the hopes she could address and possibly remedy/cure some ailments I’ve struggled with for years. The top two on my list were migraines and sleeplessness. Over the years and after many interventions, I’ve only had limited and short lived success. After researching how the food we eat can trigger ailments and cause chaos in our bodies, I decided to take a serious look into whether or not my diet could give me relief. Mascha’s bio impressed me and I became convinced that with her level of knowledge, skill and experience, global experience, that she could offer me a perspective I hadn’t explored. AND I WAS RIGHT!! After only one session and following her suggestions, I was able to sleep through the night and without medication. For years, I was at best sleeping 4 hours each night; sometimes with and without sleep aids. That’s huge. Her suggestion/recommendation brought my headaches down to only 1 in 9 days opposed to nearly 3-4 a week. Her understanding of nutrition and how our bodies interact with what we put in it is outstanding. I am please to be working with her and grateful for the positive changes thus far.
— A.C.
I was pregnant and having trouble eating healthfully (I was repulsed by vegetables), and Mascha advised me on some tips to incorporate veggies into smoothies. With her great recipes and suggestions, I was able to make sure my baby got his nutrients until the veggie aversion passed. I am grateful, and now have a healthy 3 month old baby to boot!
— Maryanna C.
Mascha is an amazing dietitian and nutrition expert to work with. We have worked together through corporate wellness workshops where she takes a practical, fun approach to educate and motivate employees on their nutrition and health. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and one of the best at what she does, she is one of the most easygoing and friendliest people I know, and she goes out of her way to make her clients and those around her feel cared for.
— Monica M.
I can’t recommend Mascha highly enough, she has been the voice of reason throughout my pregnancy. She has been both reassuring and effective in helping me manage and balance my blood sugar, weight, and nutrition goals, all while working hard to make sure my plan is full of foods I enjoy and look forward to. She is extremely knowledgeable and both scientific and holistic in her approach. She helped me get my blood sugar under control within 1 week and somehow made the process enjoyable. She also goes above and beyond, continually checking in on my progress, even while she was on vacation!
— Briana K.
Mascha is wonderful at her job. My husband and I have lost a combined 20 pounds after less than three months of seeing her. She works with you on your terms and is nice and non judgmental about your situation. There is no quick fix and Mascha knows that. She works with you slowly to achieve your goals. She’s shown us a ton of new products and how to reframe our thinking about healthy eating. It’s such a positive environment. Follow her on Instagram as well for super awesome recipes!
— Kylie W.
I highly recommend working with Mascha! She is extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date on the often confusing world of nutrition. She was able to help figure out a long-term approach to my diet which was focused on my fitness goals. It’s had a massive positive effect on my approach to health and nutrition. Her approach is very well-rounded and based on science… not fad diets and trends. One of the first, and most useful things we did was a kitchen and shopping edit. She would help me select the best options at the market, assess my diet and the products and recommend better choices. Many of the things I thought were healthy (and advertised as such) were actually not! I learned about how to read labels, select combinations of ingredients to get the best food ‘profile’, nuances between good fats and bad fats, and so many extra tools… I was able to reset my entire approach to nutrition. I eat far healthier now and I have a vastly more enjoyable and varied diet than ever. It was also a treat to learn about new food options I would have never even considered (chia seeds anyone!?). Her experience living in different parts of the globe was also something that gives Mascha a unique perspective. 5-star.
— John M.
Incredible nutritional counseling that is personalized and researched based! I started working with Mascha this year. As soon as I found out that I am pregnant I wanted the help of a licensed nutritionist to be sure I am making the very best food decisions. Mascha has been an incredible help and support. There is so much information to take in when you are pregnant and many different philosophies. Mascha helped me make personal food choices that would ensure I matched the needs of my growing baby. She has been able to provide me with research-based information on my most important nutrition and health needs while avoiding fads and misconceptions. It is obvious in working with Mascha that she puts health at the center of her own life and integrates that with the knowledge of living around the world in extremely diverse settings (Europe to Africa). I now meet with Mascha before the start of each trimester. She provides me with organized print outs of condensed information on what will support my pregnancy. We focus on tracking my nutrition to be sure I am getting the needed daily allowances of vital things for things like brain and bone growth. We have integrated work with a food journal and nutrition App. Mascha has also been great in between our sessions when I have questions on supplements, exercise, and ways to combat pregnancy side effects with nutrition. Working with Mascha has really helped me feel more confident in how I am approaching my pregnancy. She is a special person with a contagious attitude for healthy living!
— Courtney W.
I could not be happier with Mascha’s assistance in enabling my path to a healthier life and lifestyle! Having worked, as a client, with other nutritionists, I firmly believe Mascha Davis is a significant cut above the norm. What sets her apart is her ability to analyze what’s going on in a person’s life and customize a nutrition and exercise program tailored to the individual’s life goals. Her sound counsel is not only “straight talk”; she imparts it in a manner most often associated with close friends and immediate family, i.e. with care, concern, and grace. Simply put, Mascha motivates people to take charge of their health by enacting long-term healthy change in an extremely positive manner. I look forward to continuing my work with her in accountability for good health.
— Brad G.